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WEI – meaning “extraordinary.”
WEI Art Collections emphasis is to create and bring to market the finest, most extraordinary abstract, contemporary, and
crypto art anywhere. Our artists are well-respected emerging talent from Asia, Europe, the United States, and throughout the world coming together to provide collectors, together with corporate and technology leaders, the opportunity to obtain choice selected one-of-a-kind works from the WEI Art Collections series. Combined with the newest contemporary artworks inspired by digital assets, Wei Art Collections will additionally feature various innovative contemporary series of works such as are inspired by the Tesla logo and other prominent groundbreaking global influencing technologies.
First, some insight regarding our basis for inspiration: As the mp3 file undeniably influenced and redefined how the world listens to music, we are confident that the technology of block-chain is destined to be applied within industries to include banking and finance, global trade, the energy sector and artificial intelligence which are all currently developing ways to incorporate block-chain technologies. The use of crypto-currencies on a global scale will likely grow in time from the hundreds of billions of dollar in value to the tens of trillions.

Even the International Monetary Fund comments on the advantages and stability crypto-currency values will enjoy as world economies and fiat currencies continue to falter.
As block-chain and crypto-currency technologies and applications continue to emerge and evolve over time, working their way into global financial norms, one fact appears to be true – new uses will take root in various sectors slowly but steadily finding their place. Crypto-currencies, though not as yet thoroughly refined or defined, appear here to stay.
The WEI Art Collections Innovation Series commemorates this emerging technology and celebrates the positive contribution and improvements it brings.