Blockchain Art Gets Rave Reviews from Cryptocurrency Executives

January 3, 2021

Wei Art Collections Multi-Million Dollar Artwork A Hit at the 2020 Future Blockchain Summit

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / January 3, 2021 / An astonishing set of artwork from Wei Art Collections was met with adulation and excitement as it was unveiled last month at the 2020 Future Blockchain Summit held at the Dubai World Trade Center.

At the Summit, Wei showed its one-of-a-kind, multimillion dollar, contemporary private collection of Bitcoin artwork. Dubai’s Future Blockchain Summit is one of the world’s top gatherings of global cryptocurrency organizations, blockchain startups, and government entities.

“Blockchain and cryptocurrency executives from across the globe stood in line to see these stunning pieces,” said Jean Marquette, the designer and producer of the Bitcoin collection. “We strongly believe these Bitcoin artworks could break contemporary art sales records – and could very well outpace the growth of the currency it represents.”

The Bitcoin collection is a celebration of the world’s most important and prominent cryptocurrency. The pieces in this exclusive set are attainable by only uber rich art collectors and technology executives that recognize the value and uniqueness of these pieces.

Wei Art Collections, the Dubai and New York based, exclusive art gallery, was asked by the Summit to share its new pieces. “The collection is a celebration of the world’s most important and prominent cryptocurrency,” said Marquette. “It was an honor for us to be asked by the Summit to share our work as well as an opportunity to display it for an audience that would not only appreciate the beauty of the individual pieces, but the comprehend the collection’s investment value as well,” said Marquette.

Given its value and limited production, very few collectors around the world will be able to attain a piece from the Bitcoin collection.

In addition to this collection, Wei recently produced art of similar style and value depicting the logo of Tesla, one of the world’s true pioneering and most important companies.

Those interested in these beautiful works can view the collection on the Wei Art Collections website.

About Wei Art Collections

With offices in Dubai and New York, Wei Art Collections is amongst the premier contemporary, abstract art designers and producers in the world. Our artists are well-respected emerging talent from Asia, Europe, the United States, and throughout the world coming together to provide collectors, together with corporate and technology leaders, the opportunity to obtain choice selected one-of-a-kind works. Owning an exclusive work from WEI Art Collections, known for its precious contemporary works, will serve as an investment that will go down in history and almost certainly appreciate over time.

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